Gothic Christmas - Wynter Snowdrift

Wynter Snowdrift; the homicidal Snowman

Wynter Snowdrift is a homicidal Snowwoman who lives in the indoor freezer in Midnight Mansion. She mostly appears in Holiday-themed Series.

Appearance and Behavior

Wynter Snowdrift is entirely made of snow with coal for eyes, a long carrot nose, short black hair, a red and green scarf, a black top hat with a red ribbon and a holly plant on it, and a large, white, spandex bodysuit with sky blue gloves, black buttons and a snowflake emblem on it. She is sometimes seen holding a knife to show her homicidal nature.

Wynter is dastardly and cunning. she can pretend to be a regular snowman and then attack when her victim's guard is down. She is also known to change her molecular structure at will from snow to water and vise-versa. while changing, her scarf, eyes, nose, hat and bodysuit also change along.

Wynter likes to be in the company of children and will teach them morals and keep them safe, as opposed to adults, whom she'd rather butcher, maim and/or slaughter with little to no care whatsoever. This is mainly because Wynter believes that certain adults lose their imaginative innocence and get themselves into trouble on purpose. Therefore leading Wynter to their demise. However, she will not lay a blade on the other Vampirettes or the children in Midnight Mansion.


Her inspiration for her habits and traits originate from the 1997 Horror/Comedy film, Jack Frost, as well as from the Evil Snowman, an enemy monster from the MMO, Wizard101.


Wynter is mostly shown on Holiday-themed Series.

Gothic Christmas

Premiered on November 17, 2010, this series was mostly Christmas-themed and not so much Gothy. It will however have a bit of a Reboot in 2015 to actually add the "Gothic" part of the Series.

Just Desserts

Premiered on October 3rd, 2012, Just Desserts was a series where various Vampirettes dress/look like certain desserts, wether frozen, baked or cooked. The series also shared recipes for treats.

Christmas Wrestling

This is a Series that will premiere on December 2015. This series is where Vampirettes, dressed as various Christmas items (i.e. Gingerbread men, Christmas Trees, Candy Canes, Snowmen and Santa Claus) wrestle against each other.


With Other Vampirettes

Gothic Christmas - Gift Tag - Wynter and Zoey

A Gift Tag featuring Wynter Snowdrift masturbating as Zoey kisses and caresses her.

Wynter's Relationship with the other Vampirettes is somewhat stable. They chat together, get along with one another and even have sex with each other.

With the Youth of Midnight Mansion

Wynter is very energetic around Valerie's Daughter, Mina. As well as the other children, Vlass Trancil and Luna Wolfbane. They have snowball fights, build snow forts, and go ice skating.