WitchCraft - Hex Girl

Witch Hazel featured in "WitchCraft"

Hazel Boggs, also known as "Witch Hazel" is a Human-like creature corrupted by demonic powers. She is the loyal sex servant of Satanae Mantra.

Appearance and Behavior

Hazel's Body Appearance

Hazel appears to look human-like but has grossly green skin, warts revealled to be on her arms, pointed ears and a voice that sounds like a stereotypical witch. She also has long black hair that reach to her elbows, and dons a black witch hat with a pirple buckle on it. The underside of the hat is green.

Hazel's Costume

Her current costume is a black leotard with purple gloves and purple dickie in a "Bat" or "Webbed" pattern. The emblem of choice for this leotard is a reversed pentagram. The costume also comes with green and purple striped tights and black spandex boots with the same pentagram emblem on them.

Hazel's Behavior

Hazel practices her black magic to please her Mistress, Satanae Mantra. She usually keeps to herself and locks herself away in her bedroom, but sometimes socializes with the other Vampirettes. However, she also sometimes gets into arguements with Shaman Oowa, a Haitian witchdoctor, and Cleo Necrotiti, an ancient, mummified sorceress of Egypt. These arguements usually refer to magic and religions.


Hazel normally appears in Halloween-themed Series' given her witchy appearance.


WitchCraft is a Halloween-themed series where Hazel acts sexually erotic to her viewers while performing black magic, reading tarot cards or peering into her crystal ball. This Series' will also reveal current horoscopes.

Hotter than Hell

Hazel makes a rare appearance in "Hotter than Hell", mainly to serve as Satanae's sex slave. Hazel will sometimes either get sexually tortured, squeezed, recieve anal/vaginal intercourse, or performing fellatio to Satanae's strapless dildo.


This series features many of the October vampirettes (i.e. Jackie O'Lantern, Spooky Boogey, Satanae Mantra and Raven) performing coitus and sexual intercourse with one another with either a partner or a disembodied penis. Hazel had Satanae as a partner during this event.

Playboy Vampire's Halloween Wrestling Championship

Starting somewhere in October 2015, there will be a Halloween Championship where Vampirettes wrestle each other in various Halloween Costumes. It would be mostly obvious for Hazel to wear a costume relating to Witches.