Toy Time - Spandex Puppet

Puppet Zoey, also known as Toy Zoey is a small marionette depicting Zoey Charm. She is only featured in Toy Time and sometime in the future, Puppet Wrestling.


Toy Zoey is a small wooden puppet with cartoony features that resemble Zoey Charm. Toy Zoey has orange hair, pointy ears, large red eyes, a movable mouthpiece, fangs, and a squished nose.

her costume is a black leotard with purple gloves and dickie with the emblem of a marionette cross with strings. Her legs are painted purple, and have black spandex boots.


Toy TimeEdit

She serves the Toy Time series by becoming a victim to Twilight the Dummy. Either being a torture victim in various wrestling submissions, or being a sexual partner.

Puppet WrestlingEdit

She is a possible candidate in the future Series, Puppet Wrestling.