Shaman Oowa is a witchdoctor from Haiti. He is the physicist and medical doctor of Midnight Mansion and has gained a bit of respect for her craft.

Voodoo - Hoodoo-Voodoo Leotard


Shaman Oowa is of African origin. She has really dark skin, shiny, black hair, and like the rest of the Vampires in Midnight Mansion, she dons elven ears, blood-red eyes and sharp fangs. Oowa wears round ear accessories made of human bone, neck rings and a necklace that has 4 talons and 3 chicken bones.

Shaman Oowa also has a permanent tattoo all over her body that looks similar to a skeleton. This is believed to help communicate with the spirits of the dead more easily.

Her costumes are normally tiger-print orange, spandex garments. She wears a tiger-print leotard with a voodoo doll emblem on her leotard's dickie.


Oowa's behavior is said to be very secretive. She doesn't like talking about why she left Haiti, and has a bit of a grudge against anyone under the influence of Rap/hip-hop music as she believes that the music is "Poisonous noise to the ears of the innocence". Her preferred taste in music is anything spiritual and enlightening. Once in a while, she will also indulge in classical instrumentals and symphonies.

She is usually locked in her room that she shares with Blight Ravenclaw, performing various chemical experimentation and voodoo chants to appease her Voodoo gods and goddesses.

The potions that she works on either heal/treat illnesses or physical damage, or they cause a hallucinogenic poison that will kill the victim within a week after exposure/consumption.

Series and Role

Voodoo - Haitian Juju


Shaman Oowa features in her own Series called "Voodoo" where she wears her various garments (including actual tiger skin) and performs acrobatic poses or performs her "Mojo Potion" to sexually enhance any part of her body. Consumption of the concoction are recorded to cause a major increase in sexual arousal.

Another series she stars in is "Rattling Bones" along with Zoey Charm, Starr Ravenclaw, Lady Death and Calaca the Showmaster. The series has them dressed as skeletons, (while Calaca IS a skeleton) performing various contortion-like poses to appease the viewers.


Her role in Midnight Mansion as the healer and doctor of the Vampirettes. Anyone feeling sick or broke a bone immediately seek Shaman Oowa for her Voodoo magic, unless it's a cold or a minor injury, in that case, they seek Sunshine Cuddlebear to heal it instead and not waste Oowa's time.