Sage's Lounge - Batty Wrestlette

Sage Darkwing in her wrestling attire

Sage Darkwing is a rare breed of Vampire known as a Darkwing Vampire, which are literal psychic vampires. Her species are not Undead, but they do what they can to stay away from sunlight.

Appearance and BehaviorEdit

Sage is Bat-like in appearance. She has large bat ears, black hair in a fringe with a red streak on it, claw feet, and glowing red eyes. She has the power to summon wings from her arms at will. Her costumes are normally a color scheme of red and black. She sometimes wears a Gothic wardrobe with black and red on it.

Her behavior is that she's dark, mean and realistic. She rarely laughs or smiles and has a deep hatred for bright and colorful. She also loathes stupidity and scowls at anyone who tries to back talk to her. Sage's psychic powers are also deemed threatening as she can use telekinesis and telepathy on a whim. She uses these powers to gain her an advantage when being confronted or threatened. She barely has no remorse and so concern for the safety of others, except for her family (the other Vampirettes), her lover Valerie Ravenclaw, daughter of Zoey and Starr Ravenclaw, and her child, Mina Onyx Ravenclaw-Darkwing.


Before Playboy Vampire, she used to be an evil dictator. Only with the assistance of Koko, a Demonic Clown, Crazy Jack, a demented species of Monster known as a Popjack, and Captain Sharkfin, a ruthless half man, half shark of a Pirate. However, due to their "bumbling idiocy", Sage has been thwarted by a Cyclops-like Monster named Blaze Huron (also named "Flameclops"), aided by Crystal Frosthart (also named "Demon Lady") and Frank N. Stine.

After her minions had finally been killed by Flameclops and co., Sage retreated away from them into hiding. She withdrew her intentions for global domination and found residence in Midnight Mansion.


StraitSuits - Sage Darkwing

Sage in her Straitsuit

Sage has made minor appearances in Series' such as "Straitsuits" and "Inflators"

Sage's LoungeEdit

Sage's room in Midnight Mansion looks almost like a lounging area. So, her room became the name of the Series starring her, and Valerie Ravenclaw.


Sage played as Bickuribox from the Yu-Gi-Oh! Franchise before losing that position to Jacqueline Crank.

Wrestlettes Edit

Sage is shown to be quite a fighter throughout the "Wrestlettes: Classic" Series without having to resort to using her telekinetic capabilities.