The Playboy Vampire's Puppet Wrestling Championship consists of a few Championship Belt matches that involves the Puppet Vampirettes to compete against each other to earn. The Vampirettes featured in this Series are Molly Dolly, Sunshine Cuddlebear, Jekyll, Twilight the Dummy, Esmeralda Vampula and Harlequin the Clown Doll.

PBVPWC - Tea Time Championship - Molly Vs. Sunshine

Championship Belts

The Championship Belts include; Tea Time, Toy Box, Show Stage and Puppet Master

Tea Time Championship

The Tea Time Championship is a match that stared Molly Dolly and Sunshine Cuddlebear which was featured April 21st, 2015 and lasted until May 2nd with Molly Dolly being the winner of the match.

The Tea Time Championship Match was that the Vampirettes had to wrestle starting on top of a table with a black tea set propped up with lifeless toys around the table (and Stanley).

Toy Box Championship

The Toy Box Championship is a match that features Jekyll and Harlequin the Clown Doll in a match that took place inside a large toy box with a crank on the side. There are many items in the box that the two can use against each other to determine who will win the Toy Box Championship

Show Stage Championship

The Show Stage Championship is a match that features Twilight the Dummy and Esmeralda Vampula in a room that has a small stage with marionettes and hand puppets held up everywhere in the room. The winner of the match is determined if they can hang their opponent on strings on the stage.

Puppet Master Championship

The Puppet Master Championship is when all Puppet Vampirettes go for an all-out Royal Rumble for the belt. This takes place on the ring with marionette strings, a tea set, and other toys to use against each other. The losers are held up on strings and are forced to watch the rest compete until one survives. The belt indicates the winner as the "Puppet Master".

Defending the Championship Belt

PBVPWC - Tea Time Championship - Molly Wins!

There will be matches for the rematch of certain Championship Belts. However, this cannot take place unless all the other championship belts are already claimed by the victors.