Luck of the Irish - Rainbow's Reward

Patty O'Lassie with a pot of Clurichaun Gold

Patty McShane O'Lassie is a devious and highly cunning creature known as a Clurichaun, also known to be as "Anti-Leprechauns".

Appearance and Behavior


Patty's appearance is that she's 2'05 high, while having long, dark blue hair, pale blue skin, and long, black, sharp fingernails. Patty alo has green eyes that glow ominously.


She wears a sleeveless, turtleneck leotard with a blue dickie with a black shamrock emblem. She also wears a bodysuit underneath the leotard that has sky blue and dark blue stripes on it. She also wears two French cuffs and a pair of tall, black boots with buckles and curved, toes. These boots have the ability to run and surf on rainbowsthat locate nearby Leprechaun Gold. She also wears a large black top hat with a blue ribbon and a wilting shamrock on it which gives Patty an additional 2 inches in hieght. 


Patty's behavior is that she's tricky, sneaky and mischievous. She would be pulling pranks or causing bad luck and misfortune on anyone she comes across. Especially when dealing with Leprechauns. She is sometimes known to be a mean-spirited drunkard who acts especially horny to any women she sees.

Patty is also known to have the ability to hex Leprechaun Gold to that anyone who holds it become cursed.

Powers and Abilities

Patty O'Lassie has the power to generate rainbows to reveal the location of a Leprechauns pot of gold. Unfortunately for them, Humans who see this rainbow will also persue the gold. However, a Gold-Hunter Rank Clurichaun will have special boots known as "Rainbow Runners" to run or slide on rainbows to get to the gold more faster and effeciently.

Patty O'Lassie also has the power to cast bad luck and misfortune upon anyone she wants. Sometimes she hexes items like Leprechaun gold to cause bad luck.


Luck of the Irish - Titty Squeeze

Patty is filled with joy to be squeezed between Zoey and Nova's breasts

Patty O'Lassie is only seen in the St. Patrick's Day series known as "Luck of the Irish" and made only one appearance in "Getting Goosebumps" called "Revenge of the Lawn Gnomes" where Patty dressed as a different mythical creature all together.

Luck of the Irish

The Series of Luck of the Irish features Patty O'Lassie either by herself or with one or more Vampirettes dressed as Leprechauns. Patty tries desperately to either make love to these Leprechaun-like Vampirettes or ejaculate to them.