Spirit Caller - Miskwi Nandobii

Miskwi Nandobii in Playboy Vampire's "Spirit Caller"

Miskwi Nandobii is an Aboriginal Vampire whose name literally translates to "Blood Hungry" in Ojibwe.

Miskwi is very spiritual as she is superstitious.


Miskwi is aboriginal in appearance with long black hair, red eyes, elven ears and sharp canine teeth She wears a leather headband with a crow feather on it.

Miskwi's Leotard is of light brown coloring with a dickie complete with tassels and a "Medicine Turtle" emblem. The emblem represents the medicine wheel, a symbol of indigenous North American culture and religion, or stone monuments related to this symbol. Her attire also comes with brown tights.


Miskwi is very open about things and never likes to cross paths with anyone. She is considered a peacekeeper by other members of the Mansion. Miskwi does have a few ticks of her own though.

For starters, she dislikes how her culture and lifestyles are slowly becoming extinct because of today's technology and even has a bigger disgust towards drugs and alcohol, blaming them for cause. Anyone she sees with alcohol is either scolded (if a member of Playboy Vampire) or brutally injured to near-death (anyone else).

Another thing to note is that she's very superstitious, believing in things, like; the Wendigo, Friday the 13th and the like. She is sometimes known to practice shamanism and loves the smell of sage incense.


The only series Miskwi is featured in is "Spirit Caller". This series is entirely made for Miskwi to show off and get dirty.