Lydia Dreary is one of the 3 spirits that haunt Midnight Mansion and sleep within portraits in the Gallery.

Hang'd - Lydia Dreary


Lydia is a ghost of a 18-year old girl who accidentally hanged herself while pleasing her autoerotic asphyxiation. After her death, Lydia is always seen with a noose around her neck. In life, Lydia had long, blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes. In death, she now has ghostly blue eyes and snow-white hair.

Lydia wears a black bodysuit with white gloves and leggings. It has a white ghost emblem on the breast area of the suit. Lydia also fashions a hair clip.


In life, Lydia is known to be a devious trickster and has carried that trait to her death. While alive, Lydia likes to prank her friends and family with harmless jokes and gags. In death, she scares the Vampirettes nearly to their own demise and laughs at their fright.

Lydia isn't known to be too mean as she also loves kittens and puppies.


Lydia Dreary is known to be in various Series that are October-exclusive.


"Hang'd" is a series that features Lydia Dreary masturbating while pulling on her noose, appearing to be choking on it to please her hanging fetish.

Tricks and Treats

In "Tricks and Treats", she is seen with two other ghosts; Janice Hedley and Shriek, as they are dressed ironically as ghosts to make love with one another


In "Fucktober", Lydia gets sexual attention from a ghostly-white, spandex-clad cock while a skeletal hand tugs violently at her noose. Not to worry as this only arouses Lydia Dreary.

Boogey's Nightmares

Playboy Vampire's Costume Rumble - Boogey's Nightmares - 1

Lydia Dreary as well as Janice and Shriek's portraits can be found behind Stanley's chair in the main hall of the 2nd floor. They are currently empty and only revealed after a certain number of tasks are completed. After revealing themselves, they will provide a cryptic message that the player needs to proceed.

Completing the Ghost Mission will reward you with all 3 of the Ghosts unlocked with one unique costume each.

All three of them are a Bonehead-type Vampirette.