Lorraine Chaney (Who also goes by her Wrestling alias "Howling Chaney") is a species of Werewolf known to her tribe as "Whitefur". She joined Playboy Vampire in September 8th, 2015.

Wargen - Howling Chaney

Appearance and Behaviour

Lorraine is an average build Whitefur Werewolf with black eyes and yellow iris' and usually wears her wrestling costume, which is a purple leotard with a pair of arm bands on her biceps, and a pair of fingerless gauntlets with two buckled straps on each gauntlet. Lorraine also wears a pair of black wrestling boots.

Lorraine is much like Valerie Ravenclaw. She is usually a good girl and dislikes doing things that she knows is morally wrong. Lorraine is a big fan of Alyria Wolfbane and was given the chance to date her from Katya Catswell, Alyria's former girlfriend.


Lorraine attended a Playboy Vampire event that was hosted by Werewolves. The only Vampirettes who showed up to the event was Alyria Wolfbane, Katya Catswell and A1-IC3, as the other Werewolves didn't like the idea of a Vampire making an appearance.

Alyria was there to sign autographs for her fans as well as participating in a wrestling match against another werewolf of her choice which happened to be Lorraine Chaney. After the wrestling match, Alyria invited Lorraine to come back with her, Katya and A1-IC3 back to Midnight Mansion and apply for Playboy Vampire. To which, Lorraine excitedly agreed to.

By the time the four returned in Morty's Limo Hearse to Midnight Mansion, Lorraine spoke to Sora Nightwing and was then applied with no difficulty.


Kolor's Karnival of Klowns - Werewolf Tamer

Katya Catswell performs in "Kolor's Karnival of Klowns" as the Werewolf Tamer, alongside Alyria Wolfbane, Lorraine Chaney and Foxy Redpaw


Lorraine alongside Alyria Wolfbane and Foxy Redpaw team up to wrestle Zoey Charm, Starr Ravenclaw and Nova Bloodlust.

Kolor's Karnival of Klowns

Lorraine participates in "Kolor's Karnival of Klowns" with Alyria Wolfbane and Foxy Redpaw as part of Katya Catswell's "Werewolf Taming" spectacle.