Just Desserts is a series that features various Vampirettes as various pastries, desserts and other baked goods. The Series premiered on October 3, 2012 on Playboy Vampire's DeviantART page.

Just Desserts - Chocolate Pudding

Jelly-O featured in "Just Desserts" as Chocolate Pudding


The series doesn't follow any specific plot summary. It is considered to be an educational series that shares various baking recipes while the Vampirettes are dressed up as said dessert, i.e., Chocolate Pudding, Ice Cream, Gingerbread Cookies, etc.


Many of the Vampirettes take on various desserts throughout the series and not many are rolled with specific baked goods with the exception of Ginger Read who takes the roles of any Gingerbread desserts and Jelly-O who takes the roles of any sloppy or liquidy desserts.

Just Desserts - Gingerbread Tea

Ginger Read

Ginger is a master baker and has had her fair shares of baking as well as being shown as the baked goods. Ginger loves anything made with or from gingerbread and will be more than happy to be associated with it, such as gingerbread tea, houses, cookies and figures. She even creates her own mastery pastries for everyone to enjoy.


Jelly-O takes the role of any sloppy or liquidy desserts in the series, such as Chocolate Pudding, gelatin molds, ice cream, etc.

Just Desserts - Hot Fudge Sundae

Starr Ravenclaw

Starr Ravenclaw will take any role that is given to her, much like Nova Bloodlust and Zoey Charm. She is sometimes paired with Zoey or is normally by herself.

Zoey Charm

Much like her wife, Starr Ravenclaw, Zoey will take any role that is given to her. She can be seen mostly by herself or paired with other Vampirettes, such as Starr or Nova.

Nova Bloodlust

Nova, much like Zoey and Starr will take any role that's given to her, so long as it shows elegance and grace. She won't take the roles of simple desserts as they show no sense in elegance. She can be seen by herself or paired with other Vampirettes.

Jackie O'Lantern

Jackie, much like Ginger and Jelly-O, will take the role of only Pumpkin or Halloween-themed desserts, such as Pumpkin Pie, Pumpkin-spice tea, Halloween cakes and Pumpkin Bread. This is usually during October however.

Kolor the Clown

Kolor's role for the Series is to present Birthday-themed desserts like Birthday cakes, Cupcakes and the like. She wanted to be in the Series not only because she wants to be more inclusive with the company, but she also has a strong sweet tooth.

Cocoa Kladdkaka

Cocoa is a new Vampirette for Playboy Vampire who takes on the roles of cakes mostly. She'll be posed with Ginger, Jackie or even Kolor, depending on the cake flavor or type.


The recipes written in this series can be found in either Playboy Vampire's DeviantART or Furaffinity gallery.