Tricks and Treats - Trick-or-Treat

Jackie O'Lantern is a coporeal spirit that has become the official mascot for Halloween. She debuted in Playboy Vampire on October 28th, 2011.

Appearance and Behavior

Jackie's appearance is a slimming, female corpse with a Jack-O'-Lantern for a head. She has two individual suits that she wears during the Tricks and Treats series for Playboy Vampire.


Jackie's main costume is a black and orange bodysuit that deceptively looks like a leotard with tights. The bodysuit is divided into six segments where two on the left side are orange and two on the other side are black. On the leggings of the suit shows a bat on one leg and a Jack-O'-Lantern on the other. The costume also comes with green gloves and boots as well as a black cape.

Tricks and Treats - Aerobics

Jackie's secondary Halloween costume

Jackie's secondary costume is a black leotard with orange gloves and dickie that have a black jack-o'-lantern emblem on it. Her suit also comes with orange and black striped tights and black spandex boots with orange heels and an orange pumpkin emblem.


The behavior of Jackie O'Lantern is that she's very energetic and acrobatic. Obsessing over Halloween, Jackie eats, sleeps and chatters on about Halloween. Her main diet is sugar and pumpkin, she loves dark and scary things, and will constantly go on about Halloween until everyone around her is sick of it. She's also known to be a long conversationalist. She has power over pumpkin plants, fire, spiders, bats, and can even turn candy corn into nipping little monsters. She even has the power to turn Halloween costumes into actual bodies. She is currently in a relationship with Cleo Necrotiti.


Jackie O'Lantern was once a living girl who loves Halloween. She always looked forward to it. However, she was ambushed by a gang in a pumpkin patch.

During a gang bang, she bit off one of the members' penis off. Which led to her decapitation by a machete. Her spirit now haunts her dead body which her head transformed into a pumpkin. She never got her chance at revenge, so she's trapped in her body until she can finally rest.


Jackie only features in Halloween-themed series.

Ghostrick'd - Lantern

Jackie plays as the Ghostrick Lantern

Tricks and Treats

This series is where many Vampirettes dress up in different Halloween costumes and where Jackie O'Lantern makes quite an appearance.

Playboy Vampire's Halloween Wrestling Championship

Starting somewhere in October 2015, there will be a Halloween Championship where Vampirettes wrestle each other in various Halloween Costumes.


This series features many of the October vampirettes (i.e. Electra Von Necrostein, Spooky Boogey, Satanae Mantra and Raven) performing coitus and sexual intercourse with one another with either a partner or a disembodied penis. Jackie had Cleo as a partner during this event.


In the Series, Ghostrick'D, Jackie O'Lantern plays as the mischievous Ghostrick Lantern from the Yu-Gi-Oh! Series.