It's ALIVE! is a series that features Electra von Necrostein in her primary black and green leotard with green tights. This series debuted with the first appearance of Electra in October 4, 2013.

It's ALIVE! - A Busty Monster


The summary of this Series is that Nova Bloodlust plays as the brilliant Dr. Victoria Necrostein and creates a monster in order to prove that man can create life just as well as any God or Goddess. With the help of her Igor-inspired henchman, Villas Vandraedum, Nova sets off to collect the limbs of the deceased to create her Monster.

After harvesting organs and limbs, the creature is finally created with a bit of mechanical engineering involved and a special green fluid to keep the monster alive. They begin to apply powerful charges of electricity into the stitched corpse, and to both of their surprises, the monster awakens. However, due to Villas' mistake of adding too many hormones into the monster's tubes, Electra begins to engage in sexual activities with the two.


The Vampirettes in this series all play different roles in the story.

Electra von Necrostein

Electra is the main attention of this series and is usually the one who gets more sexual than the others. She even equips a mechanical vibrator to her crotch to sexually pleasure both Nova and Villas.

Nova Bloodlust

Nova plays as the brilliant Dr. Necrostein that creates the sexually obsessed Monster known as Electra von Necrostein.

Villas Vandraedum

Villas Vandraedum is the troll that plays as the Igor-like assistant in the series. Her small stature makes it easy for Electra to pin down as she penetrates Villas' vagina.