Insectica is one of the many Educational Series that features Entomology, the study of insects. Insectica features various Vampirettes as insects and are provided information about said insect to help educate viewers.

Insectica Spring Fever Participants

These were the participants for "Insectica's Spring Fever Event" where people from DeviantART, and Fur Affinity could create their own Insect Woman.


This Series doesn't follow any plot, it's created to serve more as an educational outlet rather than an actual story. Vampirettes dress up as various insects, i.e. crickets, dragonflies, cockroaches, mosquitoes, etc.

The Vampirette in her insect costume also comes with some information about the insect the Vampirette chose to dress up as.


Many of the Vampirettes dress up as various insects either reflecting their personality or behavior, or reflecting their body shape.

Starr Ravenclaw

Starr dresses as some of the most toughest, scariest or unhygienic insects. Blight also fits into those categories.

Insectica - The Monarch Butterfly

Nova Bloodlust

Nova only dresses as the most elegant or beautiful insects, such as the Ladybug, Butterfly or Moth.

Zoey Charm

Zoey dresses as any bug that qualifies her, whether it's a honeybee, a tapeworm or any other insect.

Insectica Spring Fever Event

The Insectica Spring Fever Event is where many artists from DeviantART and/or Furaffinity post in their own insect girl creations and provide information about the insect that they chose. This usually starts at the first of April until the first of June.

Parasitic Insect Week

Insectica - Head Lice - Parasitic Insect Week

Many of the insects featured during Insectica's Parasitic Insect Week are all parasitic. whether their prey are Humans or other animals, it matters little. As long as they are known as parasitic insects.

The insects featured have a blood splatter background while the "A Bug's Life" Font is red.

The Parasitic Insect Week event is always featured during the first week of October.


The following Gallery is the images for the "Insectica" Series.