Gloria Stonecraft is a Gargoyle whose original home was in the Cathedral of Notre Dame in France. She protected the Church against various forms of evil and did it with precision and grace. She discovered Playboy Vampire and later applied in January 6th, 2015.

Gloria Stonecraft


Gloria's body is made up of a hard substance that is eerily similar to stone, making her formidable in terms of physical damage. She has one pair of wings despite that her heavy body prevents her from flight, she can easily glide instead. She also has one pair of horns that curve upward from her head. Gloria also bears a barbed tail.

Gloria's outfit is medieval Gothic fashioned. She wears a metal breastplate, and a pair of metal vambrace. She wears brown, leather gloves and a tall collar.

Gloria also wears a chain around her waist with a banner depicting a shadowy hand. Gloria also wears a black leotard underneath all of her armor.

She carries a large labrys made from silver with a wooden shaft. This weapon of choice is used against supernatural creatures that may cause harm, believing that silver will ward them off as Silver is often known to be pure.

Series and Role

Gloria isn't featured in too many Series' except "Shadow Knights" and "Gargoyle". She is mostly found either on the rooftop of Midnight Mansion, surveying the area for possible threats or in her spired tower. Gloria's role is to guard the Mansion from threats from the outside world or from Vira. She is also known to be a bodyguard alongside Deirdre Necroshade, Alyria Wolfbane and Agatha Icebane.

Relationship with Deirdre Necroshade

Shadow Knights - Deirdre Necroshade

Gloria found herself attracted to Deirdre Necroshade, a cursed Deer Knight from a different universe known as the Spiral.

Deirdre wasn't very interested in the concept of "love", believing it may distract her from her duties to guard Midnight Mansion and seek revenge against Morganthe for killing her and casting her to Midnight Woods after Deirdre's return. However, she accepted Gloria's affections as they both had a desire for justice.

Deirdre features with Gloria in "Shadow Knights", an idea made by Deirdre to rally some of the other Vampirettes in hopes of helping her return to Avalon one day and to save her king, Artorius.