Glitter the Vampire Cupcake is an animatronic cupcake whose only appearance is and will only be "5 Nights". Glitter's personality verily depends if children are around or not.

5 Nights - Glitter the Vampire Cupcake

Glitter the Vampire Cupcake


Glitter's appearance is that of a small purple cupcake inside a black baking cup with two fangs, red eyes and a red and white-striped candle with an ominous wisp. As her name states, she sparkles. Glitter also has robotic spidery legs hidden inside her that she uses after hours so she may travel around the restaurants.

Behaviour and Personality

Glitter's behaviour and personality depends if children are around. If they are, Glitter acts like a kind, caring and enthusiastic cupcake. Helping children and calming them down if something goes Awry. If they aren't around, she acts seductive and promiscuous towards the night guard. After hours, Glitter gets very active and will get what she wants. She normally either travels alone or with Chica (played by Nova Bloodlust).

Series and Role

5 Nights - Game Over 2

As mentioned earlier, Glitter only appears in "5-Nights" alongside Zoey Charm, Nova Bloodlust, Valerie Charm-Ravenclaw and Captain Calypso as Francine Fazbear, Chica Chicken, Bonnie Bunny and Foxy the Pirate.

Glitter's role is the same as the other Vampirettes in this Series. She is an animatronic who pursues the Night Guard with her fellow Animatronics.