Fucktober is a Halloween Sub-Series that features many Vampirettes from October Series having sexual intercourse with either a Vampirette from a different series or from a disembodied penis.


Bump in the Night

Bump in the Night - Fucktober

Bump in the Night in Fucktober features Boogey getting sexual pleasure from a disembodied, glowing green penis while positioning herself on a bed with purple bed covers and a black pillow with a sinister face made into it.

Boogey wears her black and purple "Nightmare" leotard as she gets her vaginal region satisfied by the glowing cock and cum drips from her onto the bed, staining the sheets as it happens. Boogey looks over with her glowing red eyes to see the ghostly cock thrusting inside her and squirting cum inside, filling her with semen.


Devilish - Fucktober

Zoey plays as a red hot devil for Fucktober in "Devilish". She wears her sexy black leotard with a red fire pattern dickie and gloves. The suit also comes with a cape, red tights and black spandex boots.

She lies there, looking hungrily at the purple, spandex penis that pushed inside through her leotard and tights into her vagina. Blushing as red as her skin, as the penis thrusted against the friction of the two garments trying to push it back, but it was too late. The penis began to ejaculate inside the sexy devil, staining her leotard and tights in the process. Looking at the hot mess that was left behind, Zoey watched the penis squirt out whatever semen it had left to fill her with.

Hotter than Hell

Hotter than Hell - Fucktober

Satanae Mantra features in the Fucktober version of "Hotter than Hell" in her stunning black bodysuit with red fire-patterned dickie, boots and gloves. The suit also comes with a mask built in.

As Satanae positions herself with hard nipples, inviting the purple penis inside her vagina through the friction of her bodysuit. She looks over to see the spandex-clad cock forcing its way into her vagina and instantly began to ejaculate inside her, staining her bodysuit that tried desperately enough to push it out. However, it left a stretch mark inside her vag as the cock pulled out and jizzed on Satanae's ass before reinserting itself back in. Satanae moaned out of satisfaction during the entire time.

More to Come

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