It's ALIVE! - A Busty Monster

Electra Von Necrostein; the Undead construct of Nova Bloodlust and Dr. Von Fritz

Electra Von Necrostein is an Undead construct, created by both Madam Nova Mournington Bloodlust and Dr. Von Fritz. Electra seems utterly clueless and does not understand any language that is spoken to her.

Inspired by Mary Shelley's classic tale of Frankenstein, Electra was created by the parts of dead people as well as a bit of machinery to help regulate her blood flow, and help her body to move.

Appearance and Behavior

Electra's appearance is that she's taller than most Vampirettes in Midnight Woods (excluding Dollface and Alyria Wolfbane). She has mechanical feet to help her walk and stand, she wears a black and green leotard with an emblem that resembles the head of Frankenstein's Monster, and has glowing tubes attached to the back of her head, to her back.

She can control electricity and cause blackouts in most cities.

Electra is very curious as well as ingenious. She can mix chemicals, create machines and experiment with whatever idea comes her way. However, she seems to want to be around the Harvest Lady, Raven whenever possible. Many of the Vampirettes believe that Electra has a love interest for Raven, however, Raven sees Electra as a perfect farmhand. Able to take instructions well, Electra does whatever task Raven sends her to do.


Ghostrick'd - Stein

Electra Von Necrostein features "Ghostrick'D" as Ghostrick Stein

Electra is mostly shown on October-related series, such as "It's ALIVE!" and "Ghostrick'D"


This series basically features Electra either showing off her powerful electrokinesis or acting naughty and permiscuous towards the viewer.


in "Ghostrick'D", Electra plays the dimwitted Ghostrick Stein. This series is similar to the "TOONED!" series as both are based on the famous Trading Card Game, Yu-Gi-Oh!.


This series features many of the October vampirettes (i.e. Jackie O'Lantern, Spooky Boogey, Satanae Mantra and Raven) performing coitus and sexual intercourse with one another with either a partner or a disembodied penis. Electra had Raven as a partner during this event.

Playboy Vampire's Halloween Wrestling Championship

Starting somewhere in October 2015, there will be a Halloween Championship where Vampirettes wrestle each other in various Halloween Costumes.

Boogey's Nightmares

Playboy Vampire's Costume Rumble - Electra von Necrostein - Dr. Von's Monster

Electra von Necrostein is featured in the continuing Costume Rumble event of "Boogey's Nightmares". This costume is won after defeating Calaca Deathrattle in a tutorial battle sequence alongside unlocking Zoey Charm.

Electra in the Costume Rumble is a Bonehead-type Vampirette whose attacks dwindle against Occultist-types but are strong against Beastie-types.

Most, if not all of Electra's attacks are relating to using electricity.

Her costume design for her Cosplay-type costume was actually inspired by the Wizard101 spell card, "Dr. Von's Monster".