Christmas in July is a sub-series that features Ginger Read, Agatha Icebane, Holly and Blitz Reindeer, Twinkle the Elf and Wynter Snowdrift in Beach Ghouls, XXX-Mas, Gothic Christmas, and Just Desserts. This takes place every July started in 2015.

Beach Ghouls - Christmas in July - Ginger B. Reid

Ginger Read shows off her sexy swimsuit in "Beach Ghouls"

Beach Ghouls

Beach Ghouls is a summer series where the Vampirettes all hang out at Phantom Beach located down a dirt path on the east side of Midnight Mansion.

Phantom Beach is said to have a blood red sea, dark cool sand and a beautiful view of the full moon that lingers forever more in Midnight Woods.

Christmas in July

Vampirettes in Phantom Beach during Christmas in July include Ginger Read, Agatha Icebane, Holly and Blitz Reindeer and Twinkle the Elf.

Many of them come to see Agatha perform some beach wrestling moves on any volunteering Vampirette and masturbate or are here to relax and pose for the camera.

Gothic Christmas

Gothic Christmas will be updated to feel more "Gothic". It features Vampirettes in winter appropriate Gothic Clothing either posing for the camera or making out with some of the other Vampirettes.

Christmas in July

Blitz would most likely to participate in Christmas in July's Gothic Christmas as Blitz wears a black and white leotard with black and white striped tights. Holly may even dress up with Blitz for the occasion.

Just Desserts

Just Desserts is a series where a specific dessert or treat is featured where the Vampirettes are specific treats and along with them is a handy recipe to make that said treat.

Christmas in July

During Christmas in July, Jelly-O, Wynter Snowdrift and Ginger Read will be the only Vampirettes to be posted for the event as Christmas/winter themed treats.


XXX-Mas - Christmas in July - Cookies and Cream 2

Agatha gives Ginger a white christmas in "XXX-Mas"

XXX-Mas is a Christmas themed series where the Vampirettes either celebrate Christmas or partake in the Winter Activities.

Christmas in July

The Vampirettes who partake in XXX-Mas might also feature during Christmas in July for a summer-winter fusion event.

Mostly in this series however, there may only be Twinkle, Holly, Blitz, Agatha, Ginger and Wynter.