Chandell Mansion is an October-only series featuring Chandell Wisp, a corporeal will-o'-the-wisp in the form of a humanoid, female-shape candelabrum.

Chandell Mansion - Hot Candle

Summary Edit

Chandell Mansion features Chandell Wisp, a living candelabrum that wanted nothing more than company. Unfortunately, all her guests kept mysteriously dying on her. Feeling rather upset for quite a bit until Vlass Trancyll arrived. This made Chandell very happy and does everything in her power to keep Vlass in her mansion... Forever...

Characters Edit

Chandell Wisp Edit

Chandell is the main attention of this Series, as she tries to seduce and attract Vlass Trancyll into her Mansion so that she will stay with her. Chandell uses her dancing flames to hypnotize the Vampire girl but it proves to be ineffective. So she tries other various tactics to keep her in her home.

Vlass Trancyll Edit

Vlass Trancyll is the Transylvanian Vampire that needed a place to rest for a while and found herself within the domain of Chandell Wisp. Chandell tries desperately to seduce and attract Vlass. Vlass, amused by her attempts eventually finds Chandell very attractive.

Sexual Scenes Edit

Chandell Mansion - Sexual Candles

The sexual scenes in Chandell Mansion can be found while Chandell is trying to seduce Vlass, for example, she masturbates with one candle and telekinetically levitates another candle, liking and sucking on it as if it were a cock.

Another is when Vlass and Chandell finally engage in sexual pleasure. Chandell helps Vlass remove her leotard, then drips her melting wax all over Vlass' tits (after removing her cravat.