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Captain Calypso is a Pirate Captain of a phantom ship called "The Gallows". She premiered in Playboy Vampire on September 30th, 2014.

Appearance Edit

Calypso's clothes of choice is a red and black striped leotard with black webbed gloves and collar with a Jolly Roger emblem on the chest. The suit also comes with tights with the Jolly Roger on each side. The cape is attached to the leotard which she uses to increase her dominant demeanor.

She also dons a Pirate hat, two pairs of large gold earrings, a golden hook, a cutlass and a black flag with a Jolly Roger on it that she wears around her waist.

Calypso has long, orange hair and a black eyepatch with a Jolly Roger on it.

Behavior Edit

Calypso has a bossy and demanding attitude that she uses against her crew (which are skeletal ghostly pirates) and a quiet, yet stern attitude towards anyone else. She doesn't want to be assaulted by the bigger Vampirettes (or Boogey for that matter) despite owning a cutlass and an antique dueling pistol.

She became very interested in Jessie O'James, the Vampire that came from Texas. Her attraction towards Jessie was because she has more assertiveness that Calypso lacked.