Blitz Reindeer is a gothic Reindeer whose home residence was Santa's Workshop in Antarctica. Blitz joined Playboy Vampire alongside Holly Reindeer on July of 2015.

Gothic Christmas - Christmas in July - Blitz the Reindeer


Blitz, much like her sister Holly, is a female anthropomorphic reindeer. She has jet-black, pixie cut hair, a pair of earrings with holiday bells on them, a burgundy sash, and a black and white leotard.

Blitz's costume is a black and white leotard with faux fur white gloves. Unlike the other Vampirettes' leotards, Blitz's leotard does not have a turtleneck dickie.

Blitz also has black iris' while her sister Holly has brown iris'. Also, despite being female, Blitz dons large antlers on the top of her head.


Blitz, along with her sister, Holly, are a part of the new generation of Santa's Reindeer and are the daughters of Vixen and Blitzen. Blitz's personality stems from the fact that she believes that not everything results in happiness and chooses to embrace the dark side of life, despite having to haul Santa along with other Reindeer.

Blitz is in a lesbian-incest relationship with her sister, Holly Reindeer. They know where and how to locate Midnight Woods and managed to find it to apply. They only return back to Antarctica a week before Christmas however. After Christmas, they return back to Midnight Woods.


Beach Ghouls - Christmas in July - Beach Wrestling Yeti

Blitz stars in Winter-themed series.

Gothic Christmas

Mostly all Vampirettes involved with the new update of Gothic Christmas are Vampires, except Blitz as she fits the criteria for the Series. Her dark wardrobe and sarcastic behavior has gained her a right to be a part of the Series, which Blitz agreed to.


Blitz is featured mostly with her sister Holly in "XXX-Mas" performing lesbian incest on each other. They also appear with Agatha Icebane, Ginger Read, Twinkle the Elf and Wynter Snowdrift.

Beach Ghouls

Blitz and Holly are only mentioned in Beach Ghouls as part of Playboy Vampire's "Christmas in July".

Costume Rumble

During the month of December, there will be a new challenge for our heroines called "Season's Beatings". An event that will feature all the Holiday Vampirettes as well as occasional gifts.