XXX-Mas - Christmas in July - Cum-Loaded Yeti

Agatha Icebane the Hermaphrodite Yeti.

Agatha Icebane is a Yeti who lived in the mountainous region of Russia. Agatha is a hermaphrodite and is sexually attracted to Ginger Read.


Agatha is known to be 12 feet tall. She has a white fur. Parts of her that are not covered in fur (i.e. breasts, hands, feet and face) have a very dark blue like hue to them. Agatha also has glowing red eyes and a 2'6" penis.

Agatha's hair is a unique pixie style with some of her hair curved at her right side.

Agatha owns two spandex garments. One of which is a white long sleeve leotard with a dickie and glove color similar to her skin. The suit also comes with a "penial sleeve" for her penis to fit in.

Her second spandex garment is a turtle-neck, one-piece swimsuit. It has a heart-shaped hole in the chest area of the suit, showing Agatha's cleavage. It is colored yellow on the top and purple at the bottom.

Agatha will acquire more costumes in the Playboy Vampire's Costume Rumble.

Featured Series and Role

Beach Ghouls - Christmas in July - Summer Treat

A "Beach Ghouls" piece from "Christmas in July" featuring Agatha being sexually aroused by Ginger's swimsuit.

Agatha appears in Playboy Vampire's Wintery-themed Series such as "XXX-Mas" but has made appearances in "Beach Ghouls" and "Playboy Vampire's Beach Wrestling" as part of Playboy Vampire's "Christmas in July".

Agatha's role in Midnight Mansion is bodyguard alongside Gloria Stonecraft, Deirdre Necroshade and Alyria Wolfbane. Other than that, she is usually found with her girlfriend, Ginger, either helping her bake various desserts and treats, or having sexual intercourse.

Costume Rumble

During the month of December, there will be a new challenge for our heroines called "Season's Beatings". An event that will feature all the Holiday Vampirettes as well as occasional gifts.

Relationship with Ginger

After Ginger's debut on July 2nd, 2015, Agatha had a sexual attraction towards her in moments. The two are currently sleeping in different rooms despite being a couple. Where Agatha is bunking with Wynter Snowdrift and Crystal Frosthart, while Ginger bunks with Mozzarella and Cocoa Kladdkaka. After a while, due to small space, Agatha and Ginger were given a room of their own. Complete with; air conditioning, slushie machine, 1 Yeti queen-sized bed, 1 refrigerator, 1 oven and a cabinet for Ginger's baking supplies.

Friendly Rivalry with Sapphire Sharkskin

Playboy Vampire's newest Ring Diva Championship for 2016 is a Heavyweight match against both Agatha Icebane and Sapphire Sharkskin. The two have been training intensely for the event and have agreed to a friendly rivalry with each other until the match is over. This is to boost their confidence and strength with hopes of succeeding as the Heavyweight Ring Diva Champion of 2016.